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Why buy from a car dealer?

It can be more expensive buying from a dealer rather than privately but you have more legal protection if things go wrong its like an extra bit of insurance.

Which dealer to choose?

Buying a car from a dealer is usually the safest way to get a reliable used car as you get the maximum legal protection, but make sure the dealer you choose follows a code of practice and is forthcoming with all the information you need.
Some points to look out for: for trade in valuations try glass's (registration required but free) to ensure you get fair price.

Check the cars history

If you can get a vehicle history check so much the better as this can reduce the chances of buying an illegal car, several different checks can be made from H.P.I several companies will do this check for you and the more reliable dealers will have done this when they obtained car and may show you this document.

Buying a demonstrator

Many larger car dealers or Dealerships often sell cars which are classed as ex demonstrators, these are cars which are to all intents and purposes new cars, they have been pre- registered in the dealers name and usually only used as test drive vehicles and can have extremely low or even delivery mileage, but classed as used this can reduce the price considerably.

General tips

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